Getting Started With Your Blog Part 7: Finishing Touches

Here are a series of Blogs/Videos to walk you through, step by step on how to:

Create an Awesome Blog That inspires you to create inspiring content, and inspires others to follow your posts.


This is the SEVENTH training Blog of the series.

If you don’t have a Blog, my best experience is to start out with a Blog that has a strong Alexa Ranking, and the ability to get you ranked quickly on Google. And I found the Empower Network Blog is best suited for that.

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This Blog will show you how to add  finishing touches to your Blog post so that you can “pretty it up”.

Watch this video on one half of your screen while you log into Empower Network at the same time on the other half your screen and follow step by step.


 Watch the above video to quickly set up your blog and start generating 

I’ll be honest with you and let you know most online Guru’s will sell you into their program, but very rarely will they help you along. 

I believe the guru’s feel that the time it takes to show you how to create success for yourself, that they can sponsor a bunch more people. 

This becomes a revolving door business for them but they keep selling and sponsoring to keep their profits up. 

I believe that if you work with people and help them develop into leaders, then you can have a long term business. And by having Leaders on your team, you then have true residuals. 

Like J. Paul Getty (of Getty Gas Stations) said, “I’d rather have 1% of a 100 people than 100% of my own efforts.

You’ll need a viral – authority Blog
The only one that I can recommend is the Kalatu Blogging Platform only from Empower Network.
With Empower Network I will show you in Seven simple steps how to reach your financial goals.

First Step- 3 sales per month of each product… minimally the subscription products such as Affiliate, of Kalatu Basic, Kalatu Premium, Inner Circle.

That get’s your subscription to that product for free as described in this post:  

“Getting started with Empower Network and getting into profit ASAP”

Once you reach your first goal, then I will guide you on how to achieve your next goal:

Second Step- Get a total of 5 sales within the month so that you hit BOSS and get additional BOSS bonuses. 

And then I will show you how to hit your third goal:

Third Step- is to find someone on your team who is willing to duplicate you and get BOSS done for themselves. This gets them to get there subscription product free when then have 3 Active subscriptions. And with hitting 5 sales then are now BOSS with eligibilty for the BOSS bonuses. 

And now you are a BOSS MAKER. 

We’ll Continue to move you along to you next successive goals:

Fourth Step: Bronze gets you to $2,000 per month

Fifth Step: Silver  gets you to $5,000 per month

Sixth Step: Gold gets you to $10,000 per month

Seventh Step: Platinum gets you to $30,000 per month and hold that for in excess of $360,000 per year.

Above Incomes not typical. Incomes are explained here.

But if your willing to take action that is not typical, then you can have results that are not typical.

And it all starts with 2 sales per day: 

2 Sales a Day to Reach $10k per Month 

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Join me here to get full access to our Authority Blogging Platform: Kalatu. 


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