About The Founder

I’ve been involved in internet marketing for several years, and offline-traditional Networking even longer.

For glimpse of a recent successful project:==> http://1000perday.gr8.com/

I have been full time work-at-home-dad since 2009.

My goal now is to help others get what they want. By helping enough other folks get what they want in life, I can have anything I want (Quoted from the late Zig Ziglar)

I created this site: Science Of Internet Marketing to help, guide, assist and mentor other Internet Marketers starting out or even at the advanced level. I have an array of tools I use to build my online presence and make them available to you here.

Some tools will be available at the BASIC level while others will be available only to my V.I.P.  level members.

As you know, a Network business requires a list of referrals. But when I first got started there was no Linked-In, Facebook or any social media. So it was up to me to create a list from scratch.

No List = No Business.

I had a list of 6 people and not one was interested in looking at my business.

But, my work ethic and desire for more than just the 9-to-5 allowed me to create a six figure income within the traditional offline Networking niche.

I was super comfortable: no debt, 4 cars all paid for, kids in private school, 5-6 vacations per year, etc.

BUT, I took a lesson from Baseball. In the old days, Baseball was comprised of local US based players.

But if you notice over the years, they’ve recruited Internationally and found other greats that greatly enhanced the game.

So getting involved with Internet Marketing gave me exposure to folks from around the country and around the world.

Good people, looking for a great opportunity, with great training and such as I now provide.

But I had no experience with Internet Marketing: Website creation, html, WordPress, etc. was all Greek to me, and since I am Italian, I didn’t understand Greek!

But as I mention above “my work ethic and desire for more” allowed me to learn what I needed to learn to create success utilizing Internet Marketing techniques.

And now I created my own niche: I can help any individual in any offline or online Network or MLM create success for themselves.

As I always say “Experience is a great teacher… Especially when it’s someone else’s experience”.